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Superior Performance

Rockwool (formerly Roxul) ComfortBatt is a semi-rigid batt insulation designed specifically for wood and steel stud applications for residential and commercial construction. The stone-wool based insulation is made from natural stone and up to 93% recycled content, which gives it properties other insulation can't match.


Rockwool ComfortBatt stone and wool insulation is non-combustible as determined by ASTM E136  and CAN4-S114. It will not develop smoke or promote flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire, as most other insulation materials will.

Managing Moisture in Wall Assemblies

The use of water vapor retarder will limit the amount of water vapor that will move to the outside wall--reducing condensation in the wall assembly.

  • When insulation material such as fiberglass gets wet, it can absorb moisture, reducing R-value and presenting the risk of slumping and sagging within the wall cavity.
  • Rockwool ComfortBatt does not absorb water and has low water sorption rate. It will maintain its shape within the wall cavity ensuring maximum R-value is maintained.
  • Rockwool ComfortBatt is resistant to water, rot, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

Better Fit, Better Wall Performance

To ensure the labeled R-value is achieved, insulation in wood and steel stud wall cavities must be gap-free and void-free.

This insulation is produced at a slight over-thickness to ensure a friction fit within the wall cavity. The batts will stay in place and perform equally well in horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications.

Rockwool ComfortBatt's unique flexible edge ensures that semi-rigid batts compress and expand between studs and joists to eliminate slumping or sagging and conform to off-standard wood studs.

Higher density batts reduce airflow and translate to a better performing and more comfortable thermal wall.

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Product Types


Roll Insulation

Comes in continuous rolls that vary in R-value, width, & thickness. It is usually used between open ceiling joists and wall studs. If the roll insulation has a vapor barrier (or "paper"), ensure that the paper is installed toward the interior or heated area. 

Remember to check if studs are 16" or 24" on center before ordering.

Batt Insulation

Similar to roll insulation, it is best for use where there are many crossbeams or other obstructions. When installed in walls, batt insulation should not be compressed to fit. Additionally, batt insulation should not be stuffed behind wires, but instead should be cut to fit around them.

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Foam Sealant

Sold in aerosol cans, foam sealant is used to fill holes & gaps caused by plumbing, electrical outlets, & vents. It can be trimmed, sanded, & painted after curing, though be sure not to overfill the targeted area, as the product is designed to expand.

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Pipe Insulation

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.Used to keep water pipes from freezing in the winter, pipe insulation can also be used to control heat loss when pipes carry hot water & controls both condensation & dripping. We stock both perforated insulating tubes that fit over the pipe & rolls that can be wrapped around the pipe.

Rigid Insulation

 Rigid insulation is used for insulating under siding & around foundations. We have a wide variety of thicknesses, in 2x8, 4x8, & special order. R-values incluse 1", 1 1/2", & 2". 

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